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Wedding Dress Fashion For 2006.Crystals and gemstones make this year’s wedding gowns sparkle

Wedding Dress Fashion For 2006.Crystals and gemstones make this year’s wedding gowns sparkle

Today’s bride looks best when she’s expressing herself and showing off her own unique style. Whether you’ve imagined your wedding gown for as long as you can remember or you only know the size and color, there’s something out there for your special day.

Today’s modern bride loves the look of the couture runway, but not the price tag. According to Wedding editor Marilyn Oliveira,…

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Are You Stuck In Your Life?

Are You Stuck In Your Life?

Are you constantly reading self-help and motivational books yet nothing changes? Have you tried many different forms of therapy yet still feel unhappy, anxious, depressed and alone? Do you often have the answers for others but not for yourself?

The problem may be that you are intent on “fixing” problems rather than learning about what is in your highest good and taking the loving action. You will…

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Instead of Roses and Rings

Instead of Roses and Rings

Instead of Roses and Rings is a wonderful tale of love and healing for two men in one university. This is not a “smut” romance – you will not find erotic scenes in this tender, insiders’ view into the life of men who prefer the company of men.

Chris unknowingly haunts Alexis from the moment they meet. Alexis sees things that lead him to believe that Chris has the gift of sight and this intrigues…

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The College Pride Organisation From The Start

The College Pride Organisation From The Start

College Pride was founded in 1997. The aim of the College Pride organisation is to enhance college counselling for gay youth. College Pride also promotes awareness of issues affecting gay youth in colleges, universities and other higher education establishments across the United States.

Advising individual institutions about the concerns of gay youths gives College Pride the ability to target…

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Anyone Up For A Challenge?

Anyone Up For A Challenge?

Since the beginning of my blog, I have tried to let my readers into my private life a little at a time, without giving too much away (I really don’t want psychos showing up at my door). For instance, through the blog, you have learned, among other things, that I am a recovering drug addict, that I was homeless less than 10 years ago, that my wife is expecting, and that I live near an extremely…

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Vital Online Tax Resources for Small Businesses

Vital Online Tax Resources for Small Businesses

© 2006Simple questions are often the most difficult to answer.  Or so it seems when dealing with the government.  Small businesses have enough to worry about around tax time without having to struggle to find the information they desperately need.  So, we have done much of the work for you.Below you’ll find a list of valuable online tax resources every small business should bookmark.  You’ll find…

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Allowing And The Law Of Attraction

Allowing And The Law Of Attraction

As we learn more about using the Law of Attraction consciously in our lives, we become masters at visualizing, affirming, and attracting what we desire. We learn how to infuse our desires with emotion and power, we learn how to raise our vibrations through joyful thoughts and align ourselves more fully with the circumstances we want to bring about.

However, most of us forget one crucial step in…

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Tax Deduction for Alimony Payments? - Yes!

Tax Deduction for Alimony Payments? – Yes!

Over 50% of marriages end in divorce in the United States. Many divorce decrees include provisions for the payment of alimony. The IRS takes the position that such payments constitute a form of income and create an alimony tax deduction for the person making payments.

According to the IRS, alimony payments are taxable to the recipient in the year received. In turn, the person paying the alimony…

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Using Television For Speaking About Religion

Using Television For Speaking About Religion

There are some people who are unable to attend church and find their television is the only outlet they have to hear God’s word. They tune to the community television station on their cable network to attend a weekly worship service and listen to the message about the love of God and the plans that he has for everybody’s life.

The television networks have created a Gospel channel that features…

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